A short trip to NYC

It’s kind of hard to go to NYC as a photographer if you’re not going to spend a few days there walking around to the sights and taking pictures.

I had a great 38 hours in NYC but I was not there to see the sights! I went to NYC to meet up with a group of Cedarville University students doing ministry on their spring break. We spent most of our time following Google Maps walking blocks, in a NYC Subway going from one borough to another catching up with the CU team. It was cold and it rained or snowed throughout most of the time we were there.

I did not want to be that kind of photographer that would run & gun for an image. When I did see an image, I did not have a whole lot of time to compose and take the shot! I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that I either passed up a shot and or just limited myself on what I did shoot. I’ll be honest, the weather played a part in walking past several photo ops, I just did not want to stop because it was just so cold and wet, I did not want to take off my gloves!

I’ve decided that I want to go back to NYC in the summer or at least when it’s warmer and spend a few days in the city. I do have a few shots in mind that I want to get.

Here are a few shots I came away with in my short visit to NYC.

Week 2 – PAD – Project 365

Week 2 …

Week 1 – PAD – Project 365

I’ve been shooting a photo a day but I’ve not posted any yet this year, so I have to catch up.
Here is week one of my photo a day project.

Family, farming & what it means for 2015

I’ve always appreciated farmers. I grew up around a farming area in northern Ohio and the last 20 years I’ve worked and lived in a farming community. For 2 summers during my high school years I worked picking corn in the early mornings at Sweet’s Corn farm.

Just this week after a weekend family get together, I have a renewed appreciation of farming. We went to my wife’s cousin’s house for a large family gathering. My wife’s cousin’s husband is a farmer, he raises swine. Just after Roxy and I were married in 1991, I was laid off at the photography studio I worked at in Evansville, IN. During that time I was not working over the summer, Steve employed me to work as an extra hand on the farm for a few weeks. It was hard work but I was thankful to be able to make some money!

He has quite the production, it’s very impressive. Not only does he raise swine but he also grows feed for the swine and sells it as well. He is a very busy farmer!

While at the party, I was hoping Steve would take me around the farm and show me his swine. I bring my camera along with me pretty much everywhere I go, and going to the party was no different. It was fun taking a few shots of the swine.

What does all this have to do with 2015? Good question! I’m always taking pictures. 2014 was the year of shooting with a large variety of my analog cameras and documenting it. #26cameras12months I really enjoyed shooting with film and I will continue shooting with film! Over the years I’ve shot a variety Photo A Day projects. I will again shoot a photo a day in 2015. Because of my renewed interest in farming & farmers, I also plan to work on a project called Farmers of Greene County. I thought of photographing Farmers of Cedarville but I did not want to limit it and Greene County has a fairly large farming community.

If you know of any farmers in Greene County Ohio, please contact me and give me their name and any information you have. I am thinking of documenting (photographing) 2 farmers a month.

Gummel Wedding – 12/13/14

12/13/14 was a great day … thank you Jonathan & CeCe for allowing me to photograph your special day. I had such a fun time, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.


A little Black & White

I’m a huge fan of black & white! WOW, I just thought about how long I’ve been shooting with B&W film and it’s been more than 30 years! Since I’ve embraced shooting digital, I’ve lost some of the skill of shooting in B&W. That makes me sad! I really enjoy(ed) the process of seeing (visualizing) what the image would look like in B&W and then shooting.

This November I’ve had a little project where I change the color mode to monochrome in my DSLR camera and shoot in black & white. It’s been so much fun! It’s been fun again visualizing (seeing) in B&W!

Here is an image I saw and thought would look interesting in black & white.


I’ll post some more soon.

Ciccarello Wedding – A Sneak Peek

I’m excited to share a sneak peak of Anthony & Bekah’s wedding. They could not have asked for a better day to have a wedding, it was fantastic. You could see their attention to detail throughout the whole wedding day from beginning to end.


Anthony & Bekah, thank you for allowing me to photograph your big day, I had a great time.

Ciccarello Wedding 0263

Ciccarello Wedding 0281 Ciccarello Wedding 0277 Ciccarello Wedding 0200

Ciccarello Wedding 0126 Ciccarello Wedding 0620 Ciccarello Wedding 0362 Ciccarello Wedding 0336

Ciccarello Wedding 0327 Ciccarello Wedding 0605 Ciccarello Wedding 0633 AB wedding N 0941

AB wedding C 0753 AB wedding C 0720 Ciccarello Wedding 0640 Ciccarello Wedding 0652 Ciccarello Wedding 0656 AB wedding N 1005 AB wedding N 0996