March – 12 Cameras 12 Months

I’ve been delinquent posting on the blog about my camera project. January & February flew by very quickly. I’ll follow up with the Mamiya ZM & the Canonet QL17 G-III.

The Ansco Speedex has been a longtime favorite camera in my collection. There’s several reasons to make it a favorite … the biggest is that the Ansco shoots 120 film, specifically 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 square w 12 images. I like that the camera folds compact for easy storing in a camera bag or jacket pocket. Then finally, the ease of use also makes it a favorite. The Ansco is fully manual with no battery and I do need to use a light meter. I can shoot in nearly any lighting condition even though the shutter speed setting only goes to 1/300th, I can go down to f/32 on the aperture.

It’s such a fun camera to use, I look forward to adding a few examples as soon as I process the film.

6 Days & 1045 miles

Spring Break 2019 – 6 days, 1045 miles & 24 images.

I had the opportunity to go along with Dr. John Whitmore and six Cedarville University geology students on a spring break petrology class trip out west to Anza Borrego Desert & Death Valley National Park.

On our flight out west, Dr. Whitmore prepares for our week out west.
Lake Havasu
Ramsey Mine, outside of Quartzsite, Arizona
Sunday morning devotions at Canyon Sin Nombre outcrops
Canyon Sin Nombre
Anza Borrego, Fish Creek Wash
Taking sand grain samples at the barchan dunes near the Salton Sea.
some sand dune jumping …
Dr. Roberto Biaggi from Argentina, showing the student a variety of stromatolites.
CU alum Sarah Maithel, showing students one of the geology labs at Loma Linda University.
Dr. Whitmore giving a short geology class at Dante’s View in Death Valley.
Zabriskie Point, Badlands viewpoint in Death Valley.
Badwater Basin, 282ft below sea level. Dr. Whitmore looks on as the
students check to see if it’s really salty.
Dr. Whitmore and students discuss Devils Golf Course in Death Valley.
Storm clouds followed us to the Stovepipe Wells campground in Death Valley.
We found a little friend at our Stovepipe Wells campsite.
We woke up to nearly an inch of rain
Before leaving Death Valley National Park, we went to Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.
Can’t leave Death Valley without one last group photo. It was a good week.

12 Cameras 12 Months

A new photo project for 2019! “12 Cameras 12 Months”, each month I’ll feature / shoot a different analog camera. Back in 2016 I did a similar project with a different selection of cameras. Many of these cameras I’ve acquired over the last 2 years or have not been featured in the past project. I picked a wide range of cameras, 35mm, medium format, and two Polaroids.

Mamiya ZM

Leica M3



Grover 5×7

Polaroid sx-70


Ansco Speedex

Canonet QL17 G-III

Polaroid 180

Nikon FM

Yashica C

Question: What camera do you have in this collection and what do you like about it and what do you not like about it?

February 2017 – Monochrome A Day

February brought NFL Super Bowl, friends, snow, college sports, buildings & an abandoned house along with many more images.

I’m interested in hearing how you like my monochrome project, please comment below.

If you would like to follow my monochrome project, follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I post images more regularly @scotthuckphoto.


June – Monochrome A Day

I’m approaching a year on this project. Still having fun & still taking a monochrome image a day.

Miller Wedding – A Sneak Peek

I had such a great time photographing Tim & Cassie’s wedding day. It was such a fun day! Moffat Hall at Grace Baptist Church & Cedar Land Event Center were great venue’s. Tim & Cassie, thank you so much for having me document your beautiful wedding day.

John & Elise AND a Monday Wedding

It was a beautiful day for a Monday wedding at Dayton Avenue Baptist Church.

Thank you John & Elise for having me to document your wonderful day.