February – A Monochrome Day

February Picture – A – Day … 7 months strong. It has been a change looking though waiting for that right image to document in monochrome. There’s nothing like shooting in black & white.

More to come …

January – A Monochrome Day

January Picture – A – Day. Some days are easier to come up with a shot than other days.  I generally purposefully find a shot to shoot in black & white rather than just take a picture and change it later in Photoshop. Since starting in August, I’m going 6 months strong.

A Monochrome a day …


mon·o·chrome  mänəˌkrōm
noun: monochrome; plural noun: monochromes
A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

I’ve been a life long analog (film) shooter. Ninety percent of the film I shoot is black and white. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated shooting in black and white. There is something about seeing an image and visualizing it in bw. Since moving to shooting digital, I’ve lost some of that sense of visualizing the image in bw. I never lost it but shooting so much in digital (color) it was not part of my daily routine. It’s been about 3-4 years now that I’ve seriously gotten back into shooting bw film.

I’ve had several personal year long projects the last few years where I shoot with my collection of analog cameras with film. In my collection I have many 35mm, several medium format, 2 4×5 Graflex’s and a 5×7 1908 Seneca camera. I won’t go very far without an analog camera.

What I’m doing is not a new thing I know, but I recently combined my love of shooting in bw with my daily routine of shooting with a digital camera. Each and every day I intentionally look for an image to shoot in monochrome, I go into the menu setting on my camera, Photo Shooting Menu, Set Picture Control, MC Monochrome and create the image.

I’ve been hesitant to announce or post this blog, but I’ve been shooting nearly three months straight & I’ve been getting some fun shots. Most of my posts will be on Instagram & Twitter, it’s a little easier BUT here are a few images …


Please let me know your comments on my newest project A Monochrome a day.

February / Yashica D – 12 Months 12 Cameras

The Yashica D is a medium square (2 ¼ x 2 ¼) format, film TLR (twin lens Reflex) camera manufactured in the 1970’s. I don’t want to bore you with the details & the in’s & out’s of the camera. A great source to find details about the camera is: http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Yashica-D & you check out a Yashica D manual here: http://www.cameramanuals.org/yashica_pdf/yashica_d.pdf

It’s been a fun month shooting with the Yashica D. I shot 3 rolls of film but have yet to process any of the rolls from this month. The camera & leather case is in excellent condition! The camera is fairly easy to use if you know your way around a camera but there is a little learning curve on a TLR. I don’t shoot with TLR’s regularly so the first thing I had to remember every time I wanted to take a picture was to advance the film or else I would double expose the image … and that happened a few times at the beginning.

You cannot be in a hurry when taking pictures with a Yashica TLR because you have to focus through the waist level finder and the image is inverted, so that takes some getting used to. There is not a meter in the Yashica D, so I had two methods of metering, one was to use the meter APP on my iPhone or two, take a picture on my Nikon D4 and transfer the shutter speed and aperture on the Yashica.

I very much enjoyed carrying the camera around and finding the one shot I wanted to take each day as part of my 12 cameras 12 months project. This is a camera I will continue to go back to because (even though I have not processed the film from this month) I know this camera gives quality results!

12 Cameras 12 Months + a few

Here is my collection of cameras I plan to use over the next year. I can say these are pretty much my favorite cameras in my collection. I am not prepared to select my final 12 cameras yet, so I’ve added a few cameras for consideration.


Here is what I have planned to date. I have already shot Aug-Nov., and on the eve of December, I still don’t know what what camera I’m going to use for the month. Other considerations are, I’ll be traveling to Italy in May for 3 weeks, do I want to shoot with a Polaroid or Nikon FE during that time. It’s likely I’ll be traveling in July as well, decisions, decisions! The 35mm SLR’s & 35mm rangefinders are pretty easy to use. While the medium format Yashica D takes more time to create an image and the large format 4×5 takes a considerable amount of time to take a single image & planning as well. I think February will be a good time to use the 4×5 in the studio taking portraits & maybe a few winter exterior shots. I have a few extra cameras on the sideline in case there are problems with the cameras I have selected.

Camera List:

August 2015 – Olympus 35RC
September 2015 – Rollei B35
October 2015  – Agfa Prontor II
November 2015 – Ricoh 35ZF
12/15  Nikon FE
01/16  Kodak No. 2 Monitor Six-16
02/16  Crown Graphic 4×5
03/16  Yashica D
04/16  Polaroid Spectra ProCam
05/16  Polaroid Land Camera 101 (or similar)
06/16  Yashica G Electro 35
07/16  Pentax K1000

Kodak Signet 40
Lubitel 166B
Minolta 7s
Holga 120S


A New Project … Can’t Wait For 2016

A New Project … Can’t Wait For 2016

12 Cameras 12 Months Project
August 2015 – July 2016

Brace yourselves, a blog without any images!
Over the years I have acquired a decent collection of analog cameras, some have been given to me while others I have bought. In the collection, there are several different kinds of 35mm rangefinder & SLR cameras, an assortment of Polarojd camera’s, a few kinds of medium formats, a 4×5 Crown Graphic and a classic 1903 Seneca 5×7 field camera. I shoot with my analog cameras as much as I can, though it’s not as often as I’d like.

Well, I’m back at it again!  In 2014 I had a photo project 26 Cameras 12 Months where I shot with an analog camera every two weeks. It was a fun photo project, I blogged about it when I could & posted images of the cameras on Instagram, check out #26cameras12months on IG. I’m a sucker for photo a day projects so I thought of starting another even with it being in the middle of the year. It’s August, why wait until the first of the year, right?!

I thought I’d attempt to document the journey again.

From the beginning, my plan was to pick a camera each month, blog about it toward the start of the month (that’s not gone so well yet) shoot at least one shot a day that month. I still hope to post results from the cameras throughout the project. Along with this project, my thought was to journal along the way. Through the years I’ve always journaled but sadly it’s never been very consistent. I thought I’d be able to journal with an app on my iPhone but I’ve never been able to find one I like. I have found it to be somewhat impersonal typing my thoughts into my iPhone. I bought some Field Notes journals, they seem to be a great size that I’ve be able to keep along side my iPhone. I’ve been able to track my photo project with what I shoot each day & camera settings. As well as just journaling as things happen & taking weekly Church sermon notes. Looking back on my past PAD’s I remember the pics & moments in time. As I journal, I hope to add another dimension alongside my 12 cameras 12 months project!

I trust this photo project interests you and you can follow along with my journey.

Week 2 – PAD – Project 365

Week 2 …