February – A Monochrome Day

February Picture – A – Day … 7 months strong. It has been a change looking though waiting for that right image to document in monochrome. There’s nothing like shooting in black & white.

More to come …

January – A Monochrome Day

January Picture – A – Day. Some days are easier to come up with a shot than other days.  I generally purposefully find a shot to shoot in black & white rather than just take a picture and change it later in Photoshop. Since starting in August, I’m going 6 months strong.

A Monochrome a day …


mon·o·chrome  mänəˌkrōm
noun: monochrome; plural noun: monochromes
A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

I’ve been a life long analog (film) shooter. Ninety percent of the film I shoot is black and white. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated shooting in black and white. There is something about seeing an image and visualizing it in bw. Since moving to shooting digital, I’ve lost some of that sense of visualizing the image in bw. I never lost it but shooting so much in digital (color) it was not part of my daily routine. It’s been about 3-4 years now that I’ve seriously gotten back into shooting bw film.

I’ve had several personal year long projects the last few years where I shoot with my collection of analog cameras with film. In my collection I have many 35mm, several medium format, 2 4×5 Graflex’s and a 5×7 1908 Seneca camera. I won’t go very far without an analog camera.

What I’m doing is not a new thing I know, but I recently combined my love of shooting in bw with my daily routine of shooting with a digital camera. Each and every day I intentionally look for an image to shoot in monochrome, I go into the menu setting on my camera, Photo Shooting Menu, Set Picture Control, MC Monochrome and create the image.

I’ve been hesitant to announce or post this blog, but I’ve been shooting nearly three months straight & I’ve been getting some fun shots. Most of my posts will be on Instagram & Twitter, it’s a little easier BUT here are a few images …


Please let me know your comments on my newest project A Monochrome a day.

A Tribute to Edwin Land the inventor of Polaroid

A Tribute to Edwin Land the inventor of Polaroid

It was Edwin Land’s birthday on Monday May 7th, he would have been 105 yrs old.

I’ve been shooting professionally for nearly 27 years and I’ve been shooting Polaroid film since before that. It started when I was in photography school at Ohio Institute of Photography in 1985. Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve been blessed. I’ve held two photography positions in my career. After OIP, I worked at Image Source Inc. in Evansville IN. for 4 yrs and the rest of my career I’ve been at Cedarville University as the university photographer. Enough about me …

Polaroid film has played a creative part in my life as a photographer. Back at the beginning, Polaroids (typically Polaroid Type 64 4×5) were used as test shots in the studio instead of shooting & processing 4×5 slide film. We would test our shots for lighting and positioning … it was cheap. I would always say that Polaroid was like water. NOT TODAY!

Gene Rogier was a boss of mine at Image Source & I remember him creating a Polaroid transfer for the first time in around 1989 and I was hooked! I’ve been shooting and creating Polaroid transfers & emulsion lifts ever since.

I’ve had the opportunity to give workshops and teach an Independent Study on Polaroid transfers & emulsion lifts.

I’m sad that Polaroid film has gone away, it is nearly impossible to get anymore at a reasonable price. I’m sad to see Fuji FP3000bw being discontinued. Over the last few years I’ve used Impossible Film since Polaroid has gone away. It’s a great 600 & Spectra camera film and I look forward to it getting bigger & better in the future.

I super excited to see what is in store for New55 and I can not wait until it is finally available the public. Time will tell.

~ Below is a very small collection of my Polaroid transfers & emulsion lifts, Polaroid Type 664, and Polaroid Type 65 P/N 4×5 images.

The first image (Project) is one of my first Polaroid images shot, and the last image (Anniversary Tulips) is to date my last Polaroid transfer created on April 17th, 2014.