Water Sports – Sunday

As we closed out the last day of water sport camp, I think we were all hoping to go out onto the water one last time and end the camp strong. But there was a rather large rain storm keeping us back at the camp.

God’s plans are always perfect.

While we did stay back at the camp, we also had a great worship service with the camp staff led by Keith Warner the Camp Director.
Later in the morning there was free time and many of us played “human foosball”, what a crazy time.

Pete had closing remarks with the campers & a time recognizing all the campers with certificates.

Water Sports – Saturday

Again, there was a small group that went out super early to barefoot and get some nice smooth water on the lake while the others slept in. After breakfast, there was quiet time & and a few campers played putt-putt and disc golf. We got a late start out onto the lake but we eventually got on the boats. We took a quick shot together with all the boats together.

It was a fun day of continuing and trying new things. There were several that were able to get up on combo skis while others continued learning on the kneeboard an wakeboard, there were several that slalom skied.

After lunch, we continued out on the boats and we could tell a storm was slowly approaching because the wind was picking up making it difficult to do anything but tube.

We had a great time in the afternoon on the tubes.

In the evening, the water sport staff were unable to take out the other half of the volunteer camp staff because the thunderstorm rolled in. We had fun playing bazooka-ball all together, we split up into teams and played a few variety of games. It was a great time.

Towards the end of the evening Gus the activities director gave his testimony and what he is doing working with a camp in Zimbabwe preparing to go over in the late fall and installing a ropes course.

Pete gave a wrap-up and time of prayer.