John & Elise AND a Monday Wedding

It was a beautiful day for a Monday wedding at Dayton Avenue Baptist Church.

Thank you John & Elise for having me to document your wonderful day.

A Building and a Motorhome in B&W

I was out in Dayton shooting for CU recently and after I was done, I drove around Dayton for a short time looking for interesting things to shoot with my Yashica-12. As I was driving, I found a cool motorhome in east Dayton and had to turn around to get a shot. Typically I don’t name my pics, but this one had to be named – “Heisenberg”. It was only a few minutes drive to downtown Dayton and found this interesting building in the middle of town, I like the contrast of sun and shadow.

Yashica_12 motorhome building 2

I liked the double scan with the building & motorhome … turned out to be an interesting diptych.

Yashica_12 motorhome

Specs: Arista EDU Ultra 400 from Freestyle Photo. Scanned negatives on a HP Scanjet 8300