Jamie Grace – Camp Electric / Tuesday concert

I remember when Jamie Grace was at Camp Electric last year, she was newly signed with TobyMac’s Gotee Records.

This year at CE2012, shortly after the Capital Kings were finished, Jamie Grace came out and started her set, but both the mic, stand & iPad holder were giving her problems. She just rolled with it. It was great seeing TobyMac adjust & fix the mic, only to find out the iPad would not stay, so a sound guy knelt there holding the iPad during the second song until it could be fixed … with tape.

Jamie Grace put together a great set singing a few new songs including everyone’s favorite song “hold Me” with of course TobyMac coming out and singing with her.

Capital Kings – Camp Electric / Tuesday concert

OK … I can’t lie, I was super stoked about the concert lineup Tuesday night at Camp Electric.
Capital Kings started off the show with a techno thumping jaw dropping beat, that pretty much continued through their entire set. Their set ended with TobyMac coming out on stage and singing with them. The campers enjoyed themselves & were pretty excited when TobyMac came out. Capital Kings recently signed with TobyMac’s Gotee Record label, a good move for both!

Trip Lee – Camp Electric / Monday concert

It was not long after Royal Tailer left the stage, when Trip Lee came to the stage and did a fantastic job performing along with his DJ “Busy”. I was equally impressed with Trip Lee’s ability to share the gospel and speak truth to the campers. I was disappointed that I could not stay for the entire show.

Royal Tailor – Camp Electric / Monday concert

Royal Tailor put together a great show Monday night for the campers at Camp Electric.

Tauren Wells – lead vocals, DJ Cox – guitar, Blake Hubbard – bass guitar, Jarrod Ingram – drums.

Rush Of Fools – leading worship #fb

The band Rush Of Fools is leading worship during Camp Electric in Cedarville. They put together a great worship set for the campers. It will be really nice hearing more from them as the week continues.

Camp Electric / Fireflight #fb

Camp Electric is back again on campus of Cedarville University. Fireflight had the opening Sunday evening concert, putting together a great show for the campers.

Dawn Michele (lead vocals), Justin Cox (guitar, keys, vocals), Wendy Drennen (bass, vocals), Glenn Drennen (guitar), and Adam McMillion (drums) were solid in the show & sharing the gospel.

I plan on posting more images of Camp Electric as the week continues.
Images are for viewing purposes only, do not take, copy, or borrow the images in any way!

Cedarville ELLIV Awards Night

It was just a week before finals week and the students held the biggest student event of the year affectionately called “ELLIV”. ELLIV showcases talent in music & dance & videos. This years theme was “Color Me Loud”.

During the evening performance’s, students were prompted texted their vote for:

Most Notable Accomplishment

Best Athletic Accomplishment

Unsung Hero Award

Best Visual Artist

Best Dancer or Dance Group

Best Home Video

They had a ELLIV promo video that was put together very well. It’s a must see …

Students dressed up in a variety of costumes and characters.

ELLIV_2012 001

ELLIV_2012 003

ELLIV_2012 018

ELLIV_2012 020

ELLIV_2012 036

ELLIV_2012 042

ELLIV_2012 047

ELLIV_2012 049

ELLIV_2012 074

It was a great evening of fun … I’m already looking forward to next years ELLIV.