Friday … night

I went out this evening to do some night photography with a few of the photography students. We went down to Stephansdom in the center of Vienna. As well got there it started to rain. After waiting a few minutes it cleared up and started getting pictures. It was really cold this evening, rain and wind / not good! It got down to about 50 degrees & I was told that it will dip below 40 tonight. I brought a pair of wool socks and I actually wore them this evening, who would have thought!

Roxy, Abby & Emily … I miss you / just a few days away!

I am counting down the days!


Friday …

I held class in the room on Tuesday at 9am (who in the world picked 9am). We went over lighting & portraits. After class we followed Dr. Clevenger & the humanities class on a little excursion of sorts. We took many modes of transportation to get up to Vienna Woods. Vienna Woods is the area that Beethoven went to to get away from the Vienna city. It was very nice with an overlook down to Vienna.

After the class, we stayed and had lunch in a cafe out on the patio. I had hotdogs with mustard & shaved horseradish … wow, really good.

Wednesday – several of us went to Bratslovia, Slovakia. it was only an hour train ride and there was a free day.

We walked by this guy as he was setting up and I knew it would be a hoot so we stayed a few minutes until he started up. He was great and played several Beetles covers. I have a short video here

I remember a guy “The One Man Band” in Miami on our honeymoon … very similar!

Someone in the group had a Rick  Steve’s book along. We actually used it to follow a guided tour of the city, very helpful. But, when it came it his suggestion for eating authentictraditional Slovak food, I’d reconsider next time. I will say that the restaurant was really neat, it was called 1. Slovak Pub.

What you see below is:

Bryndzove halusky Klobasov
(Dumplings w/ Bryndza & Sausage)
Bryndza is Slovak sheep cheese

I will have to find shot of me from one of the students. It looks like I am praying but we were done with the prayer so I actually may be saying a second prayer.

In the evening the students met up to do some night photography around Vienna. As we walked up out of one of the U-Bahn stps I see all these people watching the European Soccer championship. After getting a few shots the game finished. I think that Manchester United won beating an italian team.

Saturday …..

Had a nice weekend in Vienna with lots of shooting. Saturday I took the class to the Naschmarkt, it’s an incredibly large market and on Saturdays there is a flea market. Crazy, they have flea markets in Vienna. I thought that was only in the mid-west in the States. I ended up staying there for hours just shooting.

vienna_091763 by you.

vienna_091792 by you.

Towards the beginning it was not all that crowded but later in the morning it was really crowded.

I came across this dog and could not pass up the idea of shooting it. It looked like it was enjoying the ride in the basket.

vienna_091755 by you.

In the afternoon I walked around for awhile just looking for shots. I was round Stephansdome where there were a variety of street performers. I met Silas a street performer from NYC. He is a piece of work but talented. got some nice shots of him doing what he does.

vienna_091480 by you.

vienna_091515 by you.

vienna_091529 by you.

Saturday evening I met the photography class at the Prater, a pretty large amusement park in Vienna. It does not cost to get into the park but it costs a few euros per ride. I do not think that O.S.H.A. would approve many of these rides.

vienna_092030 by you.

vienna_092075 by you.

On the way out of the amusment park, I got this shot of the huge ferris wheel. It takes 15 minutes to make one complete rotation.

vienna_092077 by you.

It was a good day for shooting on Saturday.

Friday – May 22

Today we went to Esterhaza Palace, the palace lived in by the Esterhazy family (I think I got that right)! It was not that the Esterhazy family was so famous as much as it was that Josef Haydn was the lifelong musician at the palace. His story is very interesting. Laundry facilities are far and few between, actually I have not seen 1 yet … so I did some good old fashion laundry in the sink. All I can say is when I got back this evening I could smell my clean close hanging from out in the hallway as I entered the apartment. They may not be clean but they smell good : ) !

There are several food stores around, I am noticing 3 different store names but one stands out to me …

vienna_091039 by you.

I could not pass up getting a picture by the sign … look familiar?

Also, I saw this guy with a bunch of flowers and I immediately thought of Roxy & the girls (I try to get them flowers when I can) so here are some flowers for my 3 ladies!!!


Good night world ….

I met a street performer by the name of Silas, I will show you some images of him next time.

It’s been a week since my last post?

I am so sorry …. I have been maintaining my Flickr spot and having a hard time keeping this up. I am not very good with words. The photography class has been going very well. The students had a quiz on Tuesday and did very well. That shows me that they are getting the information. I am keeping up with viewing their imaes as well and they are looking very nice.

The last two days have been pretty nice, cloudless w/ full sun which does get hot. I must say that laundry mats are far and few between. I was planning on doing some luadry in the apartment today … but today was a national holiday. (all the stores were closed for me to get detergent), maybe tomorrow.

One image I want to leave you with on this post is ….

vienna_091137 by you.

As I was taking this shot, I was thinking Christ saying, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” I passed by him 3 times in two days. Everytime I passed he looked the same, cushion, water bottle, clothes, cup, everything. I found that interesting. I was struck with all the people filing by without a single thought of the guy. I was guilty of it myself days before. I don’t know what his story is. I wanted to capture this with him still and all the people blurred. As I was putting my lens away, about 30 seconds later a lady walks by and gave him a bag of ready made salad from the market. I was struck with the thought that there are still caring people. As we walked, I noticed she went into the St. Stephens cathedral just a block away.

Thursday … Day 4

Thursday was a wet, rainy and cold day.

vienna_09253 by you.


Class was held in the morning, Mr. Clevenger was in a zone teaching about the arts and ancient culture.  It is very intersting to listen to him, he has so many stories. A few times I find my self just sitting there listening and not taking pictures … he so distracting : )

vienna_09268 by you.

vienna_09278 by you.


With it being so cold and basically a dreary day I went back to the apartment  to do some house cleaning, photo editing and of course a nap before the evening ballet. I was not very excited about going to the ballet, but I have to say that the ballet “Romeo & Juliet” was really good. We did not have the best seats but you could see well. Start to finish was nearly 2.5 hours with two intermissions.

vienna_09340 by you.


The day ended with an attempted skpye call to the family and I could hear them but they were not able to hear me. I was so sad not being able to talk to my wife and girls. I miss them!

Wednesday … Day 3

Wednesday was wet and rainy for the most part of the morning butthen it cleared up to a nice sunny afternoon. I brought along a pedometer and I estimated that I walked 15 miles on Wednesday. WIthout thinking back and writing everything down I can’t think of everywhere I walked. We did go to Schoonbrunn Palace and Garden. I heard that there was a zoo but did not see it. The palace looked similar to the White house in DC but it was yellow.We walked up this steep zigzag roadlike path up a hill to a really nice view of the palace with some of Vienna off in the distance.

vienna_09154 by you.


I had this for lunch, it was very good. I will have to go back there, though these stands are plentiful around Vienna. I am finding that the food stands are a lot cheaper than going to the cafes and eating. I’d have to admit that it’s not exactly a well balanced meal …

 vienna_09101 by you.


More dogs in vienna …. one ugly and one cute. The Westie was very dirty but so cute and reminded me of Daisy back home! I actually saw this lady and Westie a little ways away and I had to walk fast to catch up to them. The lady was kind enough to let me take this picture. 

vienna_09097 by you.

vienna_09176 by you.


Today class was good … I went to the Humanities class afterward and got some nice shots of students in class & Mr. Clevenger teaching. I will post a few, as I am able.

It might be a few days until I post again. We are going to Salsburg Friday – Sunday and I do not know if we will have any internet service.  Good night ….!

Tuesday … Day 2 (that’s what I’ll call it!)

Here are some shots from Tuesday. The first day of class was great. We jumped right in with camera controls and mechanics. It was nice being able to go right out after class and take pictures. I think the students are getting a grasp of it after just a few days. I have had lots of opportunity to work along side the students and answer their questions as we are walking around town.

vienna_09075 by you.

Walking around in the morning in the Underground as part of my Daily Pics.


vienna_09062 by you.

I could not pass this shot up. We were on our tour and the lady took us in some famus affe house and there these people were. I brought my camera to my eye and stole a few quick shots and walked off.


vienna_09060 by you.

There are dogs everywhere! Many of the are cute. I could not pass this dog up with his owner (nicely dressed I might add.


vienna_09052 by you.

Walking around the center part of Vienna with lots of people. This guy is nicely dressed.


vienna_09031 by you.

We were in a caffe talking about the weeks to come and logistics. The 3 people sitting with the afternoon sunlight falling in on them was great ,,, I stole a few pics.