Watersports Camp – Saturday

It was heard by someone last evening …
“Wake up. Ski. Wakeboard. Eat. Wakeboard. Tube. Ski. Eat. Swim. Ski. Tube. Ski. Eat. Ski. Wakeboard. Sleep. Repeat.”
That was pretty much what happened today … pretty much the same as yesterday.

There was one boat with a small group that went out on the lake early in the morning to get some nice smooth water. After everyone had breakfast we headed out again to the lake and had devotions before getting the boats in the water.

After a morning of instruction out on the water, we had a nice packed lunch at the marina and went at it again. The afternoon was filled with tubing while some just swam around.

The sun was hot and unforgiving. The campers were spent and ready to head back to camp. After dinner, the camp staff again had activities for the campers while some waterspouts camp staff went back out on the lake.

It was a full day!

Watersports Camp – Thursday

After all the campers arrived at Bulter Springs Christian Camp the first thing we did was eat a quick dinner. Shortly after dinner we headed out to Rocky fork Lake. Our time at the lake Friday was to have a good time and get to know everyone. There was no ski instructions or training, we did a lot of tubing and those that skied, kneeboarded or wakeboarded before and were proficient, we aloud them.

The theme for the watersport camp is “Wear IT” using the verse Col. 3:14, “And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.”

The campers had a great time out on the water. After returning to the camp we had vespers (an evening devotion with a time of worship.

Friday on the Wall

Friday afternoon was just a normal day for me as a university photographer. I’ll go to any lengths to get “that” shot, You can’t stay on the ground or on a 2′ step ladder all the time. I suited up and took some pictures on the climbing wall. I started out by go up inside the wall and climbed to the top. There is a good angle from the top looking down over the edge.

fit 13_011

fit 13_016

fit 13_046

fit 13_051

After getting all the images I wanted from the top, I (carefully) climbed over the edge onto the face of the wall and bolted myself in halfway down and was able to get some more shots of Trevor climbing.

fit 13_062

fit 13_076

fit 13_088

A special thanks goes out to Bayer for setting this up and making it happen. Also, thanks for Diane and Trevor for climbing.

I had a blast up on the wall and getting these shots.

Just another Saturday

I guess it was not like most Saturdays but it was fun day to be a sports photographer. One of the many things I enjoy lost about working at Cedarville is shooting the action sports. Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot three different CU sports teams in action.

CU volleyball had a home match in the early afternoon, thanks to the ladies going to 4 sets, I was able to catch the last game to get some shots. They won the match 25-20, 26-24, 23-25, 25-21 and remain undefeated this year at home. The men’s soccer squad had an early evening game at 6pm. I like early starts because the sun is still out and I can get some good light for the first half. It was a relatively easy game against visiting Concord University with a 4-0 win. In the evening the yellowjacket fans were treated to the annual Moonlight Madness event where the men’s & women’s basketball teams are introduced in addition to some fun events for the fans & players.

And the Moonlight Madness Slam Dunk champion is Caleb Maxwell! Let the season begin!

Mens Basketball season opener

It was a great start to the mens basketball when the Cedarville University mens basketball team beat the University of Rio Grande 96-72 in the first round of the 32nd Annual Cedarville Invitational . The men were 59 points shy of their victory a few weeks ago at Rio Grande when the had a team high 159 points. The mens basketball team will continue play during the 32nd Annual Cedarville Invitational Saturday when they play Trevecca Nazarene University at 6pm in the Callan Athletic Center.