039-365 Gale

039-365 Gale, originally uploaded by scotthuckphoto.

Day 39:
Gale was very kind allowing me to take her picture. I had a meeting with her to talk about pictures I am going to shoot for Community Action Partnership. I bring my camera everywhere I go and the meeting with her was no different. As we met, I was thinking to myself if I should ask her …. the way she was sitting and the natural light coming from the window was perfect. I’m happy that she agreed. I am looking forward to the shooting I will be doing for CAP. I’m sure I will get a few PAD’s from it which makes me equally excited!!

038-365 Jeff

038-365 Jeff, originally uploaded by scotthuckphoto.

Day 38:
Jeff was our waiter at Bravo Italian Restaurant. I really like this shot … and I really like the BW affect, kind of gives it an old school italian flair PLUS the lighting in there was terrible! The meal I had might just be on my top 5 all time list. Not sure exactly what I got (shrimp w/ white sauce and noodles {had them add sausage}) It was incredible!!! The day went on and ended bad with the Colts loosing the Super Bowl!

01-03-10 me 2

01-03-10 me 2, originally uploaded by scotthuckphoto.

Sunday (day 003) was a strange day. It was a lazy Sunday pajama day. We woke up late & did not go to church but ended up listening to the church service on the radio. We did not eat lunch until probably 2pm, played the Wii and read … just had fun with the family. Needless to say, I never got out of the house to take a portrait & stayed in my pj’s. Instead of taking no portrait, I thought I’d take a self portrait! Sunday evenings, I generally make some sort of egg meal or grilled sandwich. I had eggs for breakfast so I made a grilled ham & cheese sandwich. Me at work …

01-02-10 no name

01-02-10 no name, originally uploaded by scotthuckphoto.

Day 2, waiting for my wife outside of WalMart and I saw this guy on the phone having a smoke. So … I figured I had nothing to loose since I had not taken a shot for day #2 so I asked if I could take his picture. I took it and tried asking for his name but he walked off without giving me hi name.

01-01-10 Blaine Bowman

01-01-10 Blaine Bowman, originally uploaded by scotthuckphoto.

I was looking for my first portrait for this project, January 1 and I’m traveling 250+ miles. I thought I could certainly find a person. As we drove towards Cincinnati, we stopped at a Shell gas station to fill up. As we pulled in, I saw this cool looking bus painted all up and that is when I met Blaine Bowman. Blaine Bowman & HIS Good Time Band is a family traveling band. After talking a short time and taking his picture he offered me a CD of their music … not bad!