Day 4 – Grand Canyon / Hermit’s Trail

Tuesday was another great day for hiking in the Grand Canyon.
I asked Sean O’Donnell to give his perspective & thoughts of day 4.

“The fourth day of our trip began a little later than some of the previous days.  Since we were staying near the Grand Canyon, we were able to sleep in a little bit.  Once we got to the canyon, we went to Mather Point along the rim.  There, Dr. Whitmore gave a lecture on the geology of the Grand Canyon.  He spoke on the Bright Angel Fault, which we could see clearly from the overlook. We could also see the Great Unconformity, the Greatest Unconformity, and where both come together between the Vishnu Schist and the Tapeats Sandstone.”


Dr. Whitmore holds a short lecture at Mathers Point.


Dr. Whitmore gave a short devotion and read Psalm 18 to the class.

“Dr. Whitmore then proceeded to read and speak on Psalm 18, about God’s glory and righteousness.”


A view from the top of Bright Angel Trail.


A nice sunny hike down Hermit’s Trail.

“Afterward we went to a Grand Canyon visitor center and bookstore. From there we drove to Grand Canyon Village, walked a little down Bright Angel Trail to view some Coconino injectites, and then boarded a bus which took us to Hermit’s Rest.”

“We hiked down Hermit’s Trail all the way to the base of the Coconino Sandstone (several went farther down the trail). Those of us in the Sed/Strat class then began to measure the Coconino Sandstone again from the base up. When we arrived back at the top of the canyon, we were able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the view from Hermit’s Rest.”


The students some formations in the layors before starting to measure the Coconino Sandstone.



Calvin enjoys the view after walking further down the trail.


Dr. Whitmore, Calvin & Nolan look at more lizard tracks in the Coconino Standstone.


“After getting back to the hotel from dinner, some of us made use of the hot tubs, and then went to get ice cream at McDonalds. We stayed in McDonalds for a few hours talking about everything from theology to politics. When it was closing time, we left and went back to the hotel lobby and continued our conversation. About a half hour later, a Coconino County Sheriffs Deputy came into the hotel and began to talk with us because he was bored. It was midnight before he left and the rest of us went to bed.”


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