12 Cameras 12 Months + a few

Here is my collection of cameras I plan to use over the next year. I can say these are pretty much my favorite cameras in my collection. I am not prepared to select my final 12 cameras yet, so I’ve added a few cameras for consideration.


Here is what I have planned to date. I have already shot Aug-Nov., and on the eve of December, I still don’t know what what camera I’m going to use for the month. Other considerations are, I’ll be traveling to Italy in May for 3 weeks, do I want to shoot with a Polaroid or Nikon FE during that time. It’s likely I’ll be traveling in July as well, decisions, decisions! The 35mm SLR’s & 35mm rangefinders are pretty easy to use. While the medium format Yashica D takes more time to create an image and the large format 4×5 takes a considerable amount of time to take a single image & planning as well. I think February will be a good time to use the 4×5 in the studio taking portraits & maybe a few winter exterior shots. I have a few extra cameras on the sideline in case there are problems with the cameras I have selected.

Camera List:

August 2015 – Olympus 35RC
September 2015 – Rollei B35
October 2015  – Agfa Prontor II
November 2015 – Ricoh 35ZF
12/15  Nikon FE
01/16  Kodak No. 2 Monitor Six-16
02/16  Crown Graphic 4×5
03/16  Yashica D
04/16  Polaroid Spectra ProCam
05/16  Polaroid Land Camera 101 (or similar)
06/16  Yashica G Electro 35
07/16  Pentax K1000

Kodak Signet 40
Lubitel 166B
Minolta 7s
Holga 120S



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