A little Black & White

I’m a huge fan of black & white! WOW, I just thought about how long I’ve been shooting with B&W film and it’s been more than 30 years! Since I’ve embraced shooting digital, I’ve lost some of the skill of shooting in B&W. That makes me sad! I really enjoy(ed) the process of seeing (visualizing) what the image would look like in B&W and then shooting.

This November I’ve had a little project where I change the color mode to monochrome in my DSLR camera and shoot in black & white. It’s been so much fun! It’s been fun again visualizing (seeing) in B&W!

Here is an image I saw and thought would look interesting in black & white.


I’ll post some more soon.

2 responses to “A little Black & White

    • Dehk, you are completely right.
      In the digital world it’s not as practical shooting analog & scanning & posting in a matter of minutes or hours but shooting w digital in BW, I kind of have the best of both worlds. I typically have an analog camera with me wherever I go. I’ve had a project this year where I’m shooting with many of my cameras from my collection. Check out #26cameras12months on Instagram and take a look at the cameras I’ve been shooting. My purpose in shooting with analog is to be able to slow down & enjoy the process of shooting and even better, going into the darkroom and processing the film. Thanks for commenting! Take care.

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