Thursday at Au Sable Institute

We left campus around 8:15am and stopped for lunch & gas just north of Ann Arbor which was just about halfway to Au Sable Institute. We arrived at Au Sable safely around 4:30pm. As we arrived at the entrance to Au Sable we took a group picture.

We had some time to unpack before getting back together.
John Becker & Dr. Paris spent some time identifying & programing the six data loggers the class will be using to collect data.


As we started to lose daylight, the class dug a snow pit to set the data loggers at regular intervals up to 3 meters. The data loggers will be taking the temperature of the snow pack & the air above it every 30 minutes for 48 hrs.




We ordered pizza at nearby Carefree Cove (an all in one pizza shop, grocery store, gas station) and took it back to the house to eat. After eating, Dr. Paris had a short time with the students preparing them for some of the things they would be observing the next several days. He discussed the layers of snow & snowflakes that break down and refreeze.


Karen, one of the girls in the class brought her guitar and we closed out the evening with singing. It was a nice way to close out a long day.


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