Au Sable prep & intro … CU fieldtrip

I can’t go anywhere without the Nikon D4 & I can’t go to far without some sort of analog camera. This trip up to MI is no different.

Why am I going to MI you ask? I’m traveling along with Dr. Paris & his Cedarville University Environmental Physiology & Ecology class to Au Sable Institute for a weekend research field trip. My hope & goal is to get some good images for CU & the science dept to use in their marketing & promotional materials.

My camera selection is somewhat random & what fit best in my camera bag. I wanted to bring along a nice variety of cameras from 35mm to 120 along with 1 or 2 Polaroid cameras. Folding cameras are fantastic for packing and traveling.


Polaroid Land 420
Polaroid Spectra ProCam
Kodak Monitor Six-16
Kodak Retina Ia
Nikon D4

Come back and I hope to have several posts with pics of what we’re doing along with what the students are researching.


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