12 Cameras 12 Months

With a new year around the corner it’s time to think about a new photo project. I’ve toyed with 365 day project for many years and monthly projects, some have been better than others. For 2014 I’m interested in doing something slightly little different and using my analog cameras. I do not have 365 cameras nor do I think it would be reasonable to shoot with a different analog camera everyday.

Before Christmas, I went through my camera collection and started picking out cameras I thought would be fun to shoot and cameras that worked well. It would be easy picking out a bunch of 35mm SLR cameras but what fun is that. Over the years I have collected a reasonable amount of cameras, better than some but not nearly as nice as many I see on the web. I came up with 24 cameras. I decided on the idea of shooting 12 cameras in 12 months so I’ll shoot with a different camera each month.


Now the hard part!

Stay tuned … I’ll be posting each camera at the beginning of each month and posting results (hopefully) frequently throughout each month.


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