Mid-week Camera Review … Week 11 / Kodak Signet 40

The Kodak Signet 40 is a rangefinder camera produced by the Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, New York from 1956 to 1959. It was produced five years after the popular and more expensive Kodak Signet 35.
It has a nice 46mm Kodak Ektanon f/3.5 – 22 lens with a Kodak Synchro 400 shutter. The shutter ranges from B, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400.

The camera comes with an easy focus knob under the lens with distance guides, but you can also focus by looking through the viewfinder window and bringing the 2 faint images together into focus.

The original price was $65 intended for hobbyists to create crisp color slides.
Manual for the Signet 40 http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/CAMERAS/VINTAGE/kodak_signet_40.pdf





You advance the film with 3 strokes with the film advance lever. The Signet is a true totally manual camera with no meter and no battery required.


Loading film into the camera is super easy, with opening the camera to loading the film the film into the back, to attaching the film tongue to the take-up reel. After closing the door, you advance the film until it stops and your ready to take your first shot.



I have really enjoyed shooting with the Signet 40, it is an all around fun camera to shoot. I plan on keeping the camera in my arsenal of cameras I regularly shoot with.

I am super happy with the camera focus and the consistent shutter & aperture … specifically the results.
Below are a few images that I shot with the Kodak Signet 40. It was fun walking around the Greene County Fair with the Signet 40 and taking pictures. I did not have the opportunity to scan the negs in with a scanner BUT I have an APP on my iPad called NegativeViewer, I took a picture of the neg with my iPhone and then downloaded it to my computer & inverted the image in PhotoShop. It would have been a lot easier to find a negative scanner and go it the right way!


3 responses to “Mid-week Camera Review … Week 11 / Kodak Signet 40

    • what do you think? Kind of shady, my process of scanning the negs. But you do what you gotta do. I think I’ll scan a few with the neg scanner at work when I can. I absolutely loved shooting with the camera. It was a lot of fun and user friendly!

      • The low contrast and texture actually reminds me of photos from like newspaper, looks pretty damn cool. Nah your process wasn’t that shady. When I didnt have a negative scanner I built a light box / source on top of a regular scanner, gotta do what you gotta do. The only thing with taking a photo of the neg and scanning the neg is. Using a camera is harder to line it up “perpendicularly?” between the negative and the camera, while keeping the negative flat. Also Focusing can be an issue. I tried both methods. I think You might will better luck to sandwich the negative between your ipad and a regular scanner.

        It really looks like a fun camera and I do like the aesthetic it creates!

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