Friday on the Wall

Friday afternoon was just a normal day for me as a university photographer. I’ll go to any lengths to get “that” shot, You can’t stay on the ground or on a 2′ step ladder all the time. I suited up and took some pictures on the climbing wall. I started out by go up inside the wall and climbed to the top. There is a good angle from the top looking down over the edge.

fit 13_011

fit 13_016

fit 13_046

fit 13_051

After getting all the images I wanted from the top, I (carefully) climbed over the edge onto the face of the wall and bolted myself in halfway down and was able to get some more shots of Trevor climbing.

fit 13_062

fit 13_076

fit 13_088

A special thanks goes out to Bayer for setting this up and making it happen. Also, thanks for Diane and Trevor for climbing.

I had a blast up on the wall and getting these shots.


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