CU Theatre performs Tartuffe

In my roll as University Photographer, I am responsible for shooting many things on campus. I really enjoy shooting the university’s theatre productions and this most recent production of Tartuffe was no different. It is difficult to watch many of the shows but when I shoot the production shoots the play seems to come alive. The students really have a good time in their characters as we run through the show for pictures.

I wanted to show a some images from Tartuffe, but it was so hard just picking out a few images from the production shoot … I edited down from originally shooting just over 1500 images to 590 images to 26 in this post. It was like a wedding, I shot everything, there was so much happening, as they would act out all the different scenes. Several times, we would do a scene two or three times.

Every year, I am amazed at what the theatre department does to the stage, and how well it looks.

Here is a look at the most recent performance of Tartuffe.

Tartuffe 01

Tartuffe 26

Tartuffe 02

Tartuffe 03

Tartuffe 04

Tartuffe 05

Tartuffe 06

Tartuffe 07

Tartuffe 08

Tartuffe 09

Tartuffe 10

Tartuffe 11

Tartuffe 12

Tartuffe 13

Tartuffe 14

Tartuffe 15

Tartuffe 16

Tartuffe 17

Tartuffe 18

Tartuffe 19

Tartuffe 20

Tartuffe 21

Tartuffe 22

Tartuffe 23

Tartuffe 24

Tartuffe 25


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