DECEMBER PHOTO A DAY CHALLENGE ~ 2012 #decemberphotoaday @shuttercal


Why a photo a day? It gives you the opportunity to keep your eyes open around you looking for shots. And, it’s a fun way to take pictures. Try posting your image to Shuttercal within a day or two of taking the picture so you do not get to far behind. Use #decemberphotoaday when posting to any social media. If you want me to see your picture right away, add @scotthuckphoto on twitter or instagram. Have fun & be creative.

Stay tuned for what’s coming for 2013.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at scotthuck at scotthuck dot com

01. something red
02. Christmas tree
03. something found on the side of the road
04. Something that starts with “R”
05. your favorite Christmas story
06. a Christmas movie title
07. Christmas lights
08. treats
09. angel
10. garbage
11. reindeer
12. santa
13. a Christmas tradition
14. something on your Christmas list
15. favorite Christmas Carol
16. candy cane
17. the letter F
18. the letter U
19. the letter N
20. the other end
21. lawn ornament
22. the number 17
23. something funny
24. candle(s)
25. bow
26. three o’clock
27. someone you love
28. your favorite gift as a kid
29. on the floor
30. picture frame
31. a New Years resolution


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