TobyMac – Camp Electric / Tuesday concert

TobyMac can put on a show …
It was a fantastic evening with Captial Kings opening with their set and then with Jamie Grace. There was a long break & everyone needed to leave the theatre hall while the crew set up for TobyMac. It was well worth the wait.

TobyMac some campers up on stage to form a choir to help him sing “City On A hill”. During the evening, they did an acoustic set with TobyMac in the middle of the crowd separating the lower section & the upper section. and Gabe Patillo doing beatbox & Tim Rosenau on guitar in the middle of the lower section.

A camper (Dakota Wilkinson) was invited up to the stage by name, they continued with a story of how she broke her guitar earlier in the day, Tim Rosenau generously gave his turquoise guitar to her, she was stunned.

As they were making their way back to the stage, TobyMac had some difficulty navigating his way over the seats and he found it easier getting crowd surfed back to the stage … classic move.

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