Dalma, not feeling so well. @ImpossibleUSA @Polaroid

Impossible px600uv+ 2, originally uploaded by scotthuckphoto.

Monday morning I had a little adventure with Dalma. Dalma had been sick through the night on Sunday, she was up nearly ever hour needing to go outside to go to the bathroom (if you know what I mean).

Monday late morning I came home to check on her & her cage was filthy. I preceded to take her outside and put her in the neighbors fenced yard while I cleaned out her cage … I took it apart in the yard and sprayed in down.

After all the was done, I then attempted to put the cage in the car to take Dalma to Four Paws for Ability so the yet could see her. WELL, the cage did not fit in the car! I put Dalma in the cage in the yard while I prepared the car for our journey into Xenia. I put a blanket & plastic down on the front seat so Dalma could sit. The drive was uneventful, but I had to plan for the worst case scenario. It was fun!

Via Flickr:
Dalma in her cage outside in the front lawn. Shot with Polaroid / Impossible px600uv+


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