Cedarville ELLIV Awards Night

It was just a week before finals week and the students held the biggest student event of the year affectionately called “ELLIV”. ELLIV showcases talent in music & dance & videos. This years theme was “Color Me Loud”.

During the evening performance’s, students were prompted texted their vote for:

Most Notable Accomplishment

Best Athletic Accomplishment

Unsung Hero Award

Best Visual Artist

Best Dancer or Dance Group

Best Home Video

They had a ELLIV promo video that was put together very well. It’s a must see …

Students dressed up in a variety of costumes and characters.

ELLIV_2012 001

ELLIV_2012 003

ELLIV_2012 018

ELLIV_2012 020

ELLIV_2012 036

ELLIV_2012 042

ELLIV_2012 047

ELLIV_2012 049

ELLIV_2012 074

It was a great evening of fun … I’m already looking forward to next years ELLIV.


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