Day 6 – Anza-Borrego / Geology Trip

Our last morning in the park.

ABD 12_559

As we completed our time in the Anza-Borrego Desert, we took a tour of the Begole Archaeological Research Center guided by Collections Manager Dr. Lyndon Murray.

ABD 12_577

As we drove throughout Borrego Springs during the week, we would to see these large metal creatures. As we drove out of town for the last time, the students take a moment for a fun group shot.

ABD 12_590

Dr. John Whitmore explains sand dune migration at the Barchan Sand Dunes at Salton Sea.

ABD 12_597

Dr. Whitmore describes how sand dunes form.

ABD 12_614

ABD 12_623

ABD 12_631

Students are asked to identify the different sand grain structures throughout the dunes.

ABD 12_634

ABD 12_646

Dr. Whitmore gets in on identifying sand grain size.

ABD 12_647

ABD 12_652

ABD 12_658

We stopped at the Salton Sea.


It smells really bad! Dr. Whitmore enjoyed taking a picture of me reacting to the terrible smell.


Dr. John Whitmore explained the history of the 50 mile long manmade lake & why the fish die and are washed to shore to rot and dry up.


Just behind the students, you can see a row of dead fish. The entire shoreline consists of crushed up fish bones & barnacles.

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