Day 5 – Anza-Borrego / Geology Trip

Wednesday morning several of us got up at sunrise, only to find out it was fairly overcast towards the east when the sun was coming over the horizon. I turned the camera around to the west to watch the sun hit the Santa Ysabel mountain range.

ABD 12_449

ABD 12_456

Can’t pass up a group photo. CU students w/ Dr. Austin & Dr. Whitmore.

ABD 12_458

Dr. Steve Austin gives directions for the students to form groups and measure strata along the Fish Creek Mountains.

ABD 12_461

Dr. John Whitmore assists Matt on using the Brunton compas.

ABD 12_475

Dr. John Whitmore explains how to use the Jacob Staff to Chris & Matt as they prepare to measure the strata.

ABD 12_482

ABD 12_485

Taking a moment with Dr. John Whitmore as he walks around to the several groups around the mountain range.

ABD 12_493

ABD 12_496

Alex measures the dip as Matt looks through the sight and tells Chris where to place the next cairn marker in measuring the strata.

ABD 12_504

ABD 12_507

ABD 12_510

ABD 12_516

After all the mapping is completed in the groups, they all got back together to discuss the project and share their findings.

ABD 12_525

Alex using a grid in order to find the median grain size of the deposit.

ABD 12_529

An overview look of the Fish Creek Mountains in the near distance.


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