Day 4 – Anza-Borrego / Geology Trip

After being able to sleep in Tuesday morning, we headed to Fish Creek Wash and Split Mtn. where we spent the whole day into the early evening. The weather forecast was for high winds throughout the day & we experienced the high winds the entire day. We followed the wash back 15 miles or more making stops along the way looking at folds, mudflow & debris flow deposits.

ABD 12_227

Dr. Austin pointing out important details in this flow deposit

ABD 12_215

Students discussing the evidence for three events or one event that formed this deposit

ABD 12_236

Dr. Whitmore drawing students’ attention to the dessication cracks and ripples in the sand

ABD 12_184

ABD 12_245

Students observing slicken sides and potential sand injectites in Split Mtn.

ABD 12_262

I can’t pass up an opportunity to take a group picture along the way.

ABD 12_273

ABD 12_280

Dr. Whitmore standing under a large anticline. The folds in this picture are evidence of soft sediment deformation. These layers must have been deposited rapidly!

ABD 12_287

ABD 12_295

As we headed out at dusk, we neared the entrance on our way out, it was nearly dark and difficult to see the trial with the winds. Shortly after getting back on the highway, a huge dust storm came up & at times we had zero visibility … but all is well & we made it back to the Church for a wonderful spaghetti dinner.

I can hardy imagine what our adventure will be tomorrow.

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