Day 3 – Anza-Borrego / Geology Trip

Day 3 we spent most of our day looking at the Sin Nombre Canyon.

ABD 12_118

ABD 12_113

Dr. Austin explaining the stratified layers at the entrance to Canyon Sin Nombre.

ABD 12_116

ABD 12_122

Discussing the mineralogy of the igneous dike (white vertical rock face) intruded in the surrounding metamorphic rock

ABD 12_132

Daniel trying to escape the hot sun.

ABD 12_133

April & Chelsea both had birthdays today.

ABD 12_136

Dr. John Whitmore discussing rock unconformity with Matt.

ABD 12_142

ABD 12_145

On our hike up in a hidden slot, we take a quick group photo.

ABD 12_098

ABD 12_158

A lunch break & quick lesson about using Brunton compasses to determine strike and dip by Dr. Steve Austin at the top after an interesting walk up the slot.

ABD 12_170

Metamorphic rocks tilted almost vertically in the Laguna Mtns. overlooking Anza-Borrego State Park.

ABD 12_175

Towards the end of the day after a long drive we stopped at a beautiful overlook.

ABD 12_172

ABD 12_177

We went to Dr. Steve Austin’s house for a wonderful steak dinner & celebrated Chelsea & Aprils birthday with cake … and pie.

Another long day.

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