Day 2 – Anza-Borrego / Geology Trip

For the moment I am going to post images with a few captions & update the post on Monday with more details, but for now ….

ABD 12_012

I’m driving the GMC Yukon … great car, I could get used driving this.

ABD 12_016

On our way to breakfast, I could not help but take a morning sunrise over looking “downtown” Borrego Springs.

ABD 12_028

At Font’s Point we took the official group picture.

ABD 12_031

Overlooking the valley at Font’s Point, Dr. Whitmore opened the scriptures and shared with us somethings he is studying with Christ being tempted in the desert for 40 days & nights and the correlation with Moses in the wondering in the desert for 40 years.


ABD 12_040

ABD 12_043

Dr. Steve Austin shares with use at Font’s Point and begins laying out the important areas & information in the Anza-Borrego Desert.

ABD 12_055

I am fascinated with the plant life in the desert.

ABD 12_058

There was some sort of off road vehicle rally going on because we saw jeeps of every type & huge RV’s pulling off road vehicles.

ABD 12_060

April & Chelsey holding up a large rock.

ABD 12_079

We headed to Calcite Mine & Slot Canyon in the SUV’s but the terrain was to much and we had to stop half way there. It did not stop anyone from looking at the rocks & formations & for Dr. Austin to the opportunity to teach.

ABD 12_091

As Dr. Austin always says, “boulder boulder on the ground tell us something real profound”. Dr. Austin and students measuring the diameter of a boulder near the calcite mine. Using the diameter of the boulder, students can calculate the depth and velocity of the flow which transported these rocks.

ABD 12_095

Students looking at an interesting reddish mineral in a piece of granite.

I have no idea what is in store for Day 3 … but it will be another early start.

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