52 Weeks – A Polaroid Project

I have shot with Polaroid film for years, actually for nearly 25 years. It was a sad day back 3 years ago when I heard that Polaroid was going to stop production of their film. Fortunately I had a small stock of Polaroid film and continued to shoot. I was happy to hear about a new company called Impossible Project, they are making new Polaroid like film Type 600, Spectra & SX70 cameras.

As 2011 came to an end and I was thinking of starting up another Photo A Day Project in 2012, I wanted to do something with Polaroids but there was no way I could shoot a Polaroid image every day, it would be way to costly but I could take an image once a week. That was doable, 52 Weeks – A Polaroid Project. It has been five weeks …

Week 1: Dalma & Serena backyard in snow

Polaroid Type 100 Sepia film

silk i dogs in snow


Week 2: Rinnova / Italian Eye Opener

Polaroid Spectra (Expired 10/09)

Spectra Rinnova Italy


Week 3: Trees & Blue sky

Polaroid Spectra (Expired 10/09)

Spectra backyard Trees


Week 4: Castle-like building

Impossible Project PX 680 Color Shade

Gold Frame 01


Week 5: Small barn in trees

Polaroid Spectra (Expired 10/09)

Spectra small barn

A look at some of my other Polaroid images over the years.


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