The Italy Adventure XIV.5 #Italy #FB

Well, we are all well at the camp. The last week went very fast and it was full of activities & fun time.with two camps going on at the same time and helping both camps including working on the new building. We all kept busy!

There was a Junior High camp with about 60 campers & a primary camp (ages 7-11) with about 24 campers. In the mornings were glorified crowd control while the counselors had their morning meeting. With the JH’ers they had four squads so every day they rotated through floor hockey, tennis, rifle (BB) target shooting & bracelet making. In their own way each was popular. In the target shooting, we kept track of the top 3 shooters in each squad and at the end of the week we had a shoot-off among the 3 from each team awarding the winner to the team with the most points in the target.





ND3_4239 ND3_4199

While with the primary campers we had 3 groups with dodgeball, rifle (BB) target shooting & bracelet making. In their own way each was popular. During the 4 mornings, they were able to go to any of the stations they wanted to.



We had a small roll during 2 evening sessions with a game & testimony. We were asked to come up with a game that there would be a squad winner so points would be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Zach shared his testimony one evening to the junior highers.






gelato in Teramo


The last week they continued to need help in the kitchen both in preperation & cleanup. I team enjoyed working in the kitchen alongside the nationals.




Joe & Stefania took Roxy and I out to a nice restaurant in Castelli. We had a great time of fellowship and good Italian food.

A relaxing day with the primary campers up on the mountain with some hiking, water games and a picnic. We brought along with us water balloon launchers, the campers had a great time launching balloons at human targets (Stephen, Zach, Lorenzo, Pietro & myself).




Joe shares the gospel to both camps during the Thursday evening campfire session.


We are just an hour away from leaving the camp. We are sad to leave but excited to return to our friends and family & new adventures God has for us. Last evening there was a party on our behalf, they made a very big cake, we had a great time of fellowship with the counselors and staff.


We will be going to Rome soon and will be staying there 2 days visiting Rome (a very beautiful city). We hope to hit all the hot spots including a few not so well known locations. I am not sure what kind of WifI & Internet we will have access to so this might be the last until our return back to the States.

I will post a recap of our 3 days in Rome shortly.

Ciao for now …


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