The Italy Adventure XIII #Italy #FB

This will be a quick update with no images … as of now.

Saturday was a full day of cleaning and getting ready for a new set of campers. After breakfast of Saturday, while most of the children left. several stayed for another week of camp. We had to clean all the bathrooms and clean all the rooms in addition to the grounds.

The new group of campers started arriving around 5pm. Similar to last weeks camps, there are 2 camps this week but opposite … there are around 50 junior higher’s and only about 20 primary age children. The Cedarville team is helping out with the junior higher’s this week.

It is now Sunday and we are in full swing of the camp, we are learning names & making friends with the campers. This morning we had a time with Joe and he encouraged us with speaking on Ps. 139. We were given a day off today. Please pray for the team as we have only a few more days here at the camp.

Ciao for now …



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