The Italy Adventure XII #Italy #FB


The two camps in Bible lesson & scripture memorization …



On Friday, after breakfast and our morning activities with the children we were put back to manual labor … it was not hard work as much as it was heavy work!



We were asked to clear out a room full of scuffling in the new building, needless to say we were hot, sweaty & dirty. It was fun!


There are a group of men from Naples in for 3 days to do some construction on the new building. On the far left is our long time friend Franco who was doing drywall work.

Friday was our last full day with the campers since Saturday morning after breakfast they leave. We had a free for all dinner out in the yard with Italian style hotdogs and fries … of course there was watermelon afterward.



ND3_3137    ND3_3151


The workers bought arrosticini and grilled it for themselves after we (the camp) had dinner. It was an interesting process! I think I am going to have to bring it to the States, it is very good!


Stefania finished her story and & Sara shared her testimony, she shared it in Italian. Towards the end of the evening Marco one of the leaders asked for any children to share what they learned at the camp this week, Julia (in the image above) is sharing how accepted Christ as her Savior. She was one of 4 children this week that accepted Christ.


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