The Italy Adventure XI #Italy #FB

Early on in our preparation on coming to Italy, I was asked if the team would be in charge of the camps Aqua Fest. You can’t say no to that! Over the weeks leading up to our trip, the team & I e-mailed back and forth with water game ideas and then once we arrived at the camp and had a better idea what was needed, we came up with a schedule of what games we would play etc … Thursday came and we had a blast! It was a very hot day, perfect for water games. There were some changes made to the schedule so we had an hour less but that was fine and we were flexible. The team split up into 3 groups and split up the 6 camp squads into 3 groups and rotated every half hour … basically, with a break and rotated again. The games the Cedarville team camp up with was fantastic, the children had a great time and the camp director was happy with how everything went. There were only a few minor injuries!


ND3_2721   ND3_2641

ND3_2746   ND3_2758

ND3_2881  ND3_2891

The Junior High camp had their own water games in the afternoon … I took a group picture of them on the HUGE slip & slide …



Marcy & Abby took advantage of the slip & slide.


In addition to our big day of water games, Thursday was also laundry day for the Cedarville team. 11 additional people arriving at camp makes it hard on the staff (both the kitchen & laundry staff), so we help where we can.




Giovanna (in charge of laundry) & Roxy.


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