The Italy Adventure VIII #Italy #FB

Sunday morning after breakfast the Cedarville team played with the children while the counselors had their meeting, some played volleyball while others played soccer. We had a break before lunch so I took the opportunity to meet with the team and talk about the Thursday “Aquafest” that we will be in charge of. We all had ideas of what games & activities to play. we went to Castelli.




ND3_1979 ND3_1982


Years ago when we were in Castelli, we took a similar family picture on the steps.



The team really enjoyed their time in Castelli. We all had fun walking through the narrow streets and shopping in the pottery stores.

In the evening, they had their large session outside in a circle around a campfire. The campfire was a great touch!


There was a guest scientist with the JR high group that brought a telescope for the kids to look at stars … specifically Saturn. They allowed our CU team go up on the roof after the evening session and look at Saturn before the JR highers went up on the roof. It was a great way to end the night.


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