The Italy Adventure VII #Italy #FB

It never gets old walking out of the main building and seeing the views that are around us, being able to see the Gan Sasso continues to amaze me!


Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Some new camp staff & counselors came in on Wednesday & Thursday, it is always fun learning new names while still trying to remember all the other names over the last few days.


Thursday, Friday & Saturday we had pretty much the same schedule …

breakfast @ 8am

devo @ 8:30

work @ 9:15 -11:15

session w/ Dan @ 11:30-12:30

lunch @ 1pm

work 2:30 – 6pm.

dinner @ 7pm

evening session @ 8:30 singing & session w/ Dan (Lucia, Dans daughter would translate)


The camp staff & counselors came in early to have sessions with Dan Standridge. Dan is on the camp board and happens to be a Cedarville College grad of 1980. He is a missionary with his family up in Milano. He would meet with the Italian group in the morning while we would be working and then 11:30-12:30 he would meet with us. He challenged the group during everyone of his sessions. He started with 1 Peter 4:9 and showing hospitality with a good attitude and then he talked about Gods glory followed by 3 identifiers of our faith referencing 2 Cor 3:17 – 4:2. Our last time with him he talked about being a missionary, what it looks like the qualities it takes to be a missionary. He referenced 2 Tim 1:1 where Paul talks about being an apostle. An apostle is one that travels with the gospel … some travel others stay. Through all the sessions he talked about being “Divinely Disrupted” what that looks like and being happy about it … that was so powerful.





cousins …

The campers arrived in the late afternoon on Saturday. The Cedarville group worked so hard getting the camp ready. In the evening at the first session, Marco introduced the Cedarville team “Americano’s” to the children. When Abby said her name, Marco thought she said Hamy & announced her as Hamy to the children. We got a good laugh over that.



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