The Italy Adventure IX #Italy #FB

Monday & Tuesday followed the same schedule as Sunday for the most part, with a few exceptions.

Toward the end of lunch on Monday, Joe explained how Monday July 4th was a special day for the Americano’s and he had the us stand up and sing our National Anthem in front of everyone, it was great.


The cooks preparing lunch for the 50+ people at the camp.


There are two camps going on this week, JR high science camp & 7-11yr old kids camp in which we are helping out.




During the morning counselor meeting we helped with game time (free time) and in the gym Meagan, Emily & I arranged floor hockey, that is the best game … it was so much fun, I had to play! We split up into 4 teams and we played a round robin style so that everyone would play, and be able to play each other. It was so much fun! I plan to arrange floor hockey again during that time … and play!

The CU team worked in the mornings and in the afternoon on cleaning tables in the new building site and finishing a few jobs that were not finished at the end of the day Saturday. We were happy to see the end of the “work time” end, we all worked hard.


Meagan, Abby, Zach, Sara & Anna breaking out in song at the end of the day!

Again they had their evening sessions outside, Meagan gave a brief introduction about Abraham Lincoln (it actually had a small part about Lincoln in the story Stefania shared with the campers) and Anna gave her testimony, it was very good and simple, trusting the children understood.


We are finding many different people that can assist us in translating to help us out with understanding what is happening. Many people (staff, counselors & children) know English well enough to help us. I knew this would hopefully be the scenario but never imagined the number of people that would be able to help us. They enjoy helping and we enjoy knowing what is going on!


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