The Italy Adventure IV #Italy #FB

I have a guest blogger this evening …

Ciao! This is Sara writing with Kylie from MIS Italy! We are having a great time, working hard, meeting new people, and learning a lot. Our first few days were definitely a time of adjustment, but I think it’s safe to say that we are starting to settle in. The team has already begun developing friendships with the rest of the staff, and picking up some Italian as well! It’s cool to see how quickly we’ve been able to bond with the people here, despite the significant language barrier. In fact, just last night, some of the Cedarville girls were surprised to hear me pray in English! We have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to see the Gospel at work in another part of the world, and to see how the Italians are reaching out to their own culture.

Today was a tiring day, but we accomplished quite a bit! During our team devotional this morning, Scott compared us to an army, and that was evidenced by the way we were able to work together and complete some big projects around the camp. We pulled an unbelievable amount of weeds, trimmed hedges, picked up trash, cleaned the driveway, raked leaves, saved baby birds (good job Zach!), and made sure the camp ready to welcome the campers who will arrive this coming weekend.


IMG_5034_1 IMG_5036_1

The many faces of Scott …

IMG_1394 IMG_5042

IMG_1387 IMG_1388

Hard at work…


Tools of the trade


Emily feeding peanuts to the hungry baby birds after a long day of work…

We’re also beginning to acquire some pretty awesome tan lines. The team is so thankful for the chance we have to serve here, and we’re praying that we will keep our hearts fixed on the grace received, even through the chaos and exhaustion that can easily distract us. We appreciate your prayers. Check back soon! Buona notte!

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