The Italy Adventure III #Italy #FB

Sunday again we ate breakfast at 8am and soon after headed off to L’Quila to attend Church. We had a wonderful time of worship with a small group of Italian believers. We were assisted in translation.

In the afternoon after lunch we had a nice time of rest before our mile and a half journey to Isola.


We had a nice walk uphill to Isola where we walked around the old town. There was some sort of Cathlic celebration with flags hanging and some bands playing, as the evening continued more people came out to the streets.





Before needing to get back to the camp o be ready for dinner at 7pm, we took a group photo as we left the old town of Isola.

I finished the evening out with the help of Fabio having a small game of 2 v 2 soccer taking on Marcy & Zach. I am not at liberty to say who won.


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