The Italy Adventure II #Italy #FB

I am quickly realizing that I will not be posting everyday not because there is not enough to write or not enough images to post but rather finding the time to post, the process of which I post and lack of Internet access I have. The funny thing is that I knew of all 3 were going to limit me.

Saturday we had breakfast at 8am, it was a breakfast like I remember with bread butter & jelly, fruit juice, warm milk & coffee. After breakfast several on the team were asked to help clean and work in the kitchen while the others of us were given instructions to work on the grounds doing a little spring cleaning.



It was not long until Joe asked 4 of us to help a friend of the camp move out of their home in Isola to a nearby town 10K away by the name of Villa Vamona.


Anna getting help from Rubine.


Zach is taking a break getting a short Italian lesson from Giovanni & Simone.




Ashraf and his family after a hard day of moving.

It was a fun filled day for Anna, Zach, Adam and myself. We loaded 3 vehicles and unloaded 3 vehicles three times … we were tired after a long day of moving. We got back to camp with an hour available to clean up and eat dinner with the rest of the team. They worked equally hard pulling weeds and trimming the grounds getting the camp ready for a summer of campers.

We all slept well.


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