The Italy Adventure I #Italy #fb

After leaving our home 9am Thursday and traveling with the team from Dayton – Charlotte – Rome, we arrived at the Rome airport Friday morning at 9am 18 hours later.


We had a long 5hr layover in Charlotte an an uneventful fight across the ocean to Rome. Our walk through passport control was a breeze but it took awhile to get our bags, it was worth the wait and a real blessing that everyone got their bags.


As we exited the international flight area we quickly so Joe & Fabio waiting for us.


After exchanging money we piled into two vehicles and had a two hour drive to the camp. It did not take long for me to fall asleep while driving, I think I was asleep before getting to the outskirts of Rome. I woke up an hour and a half later with us cruising down the A25 at 140km an hr (a highway going east/west across central Italy from Rome to Teramo). After arriving at the camp we settled into our rooms and had lunch soon after.



We had a wonderful lunch of tuna and pasta, chicken patties, salad & fruit. We were offered cafe (espresso) and it was not hard convincing most of us to partake. I walked the team around the camp giving them a 30 second tour of the grounds. We walked through the new building construction, it was exciting to see it almost completed.



We were told that dinner was at 8:00pm but to be honest, I am not sure we will be able to stay up that long. It is currently 4:41pm and the majority of the team is in the pool while others are enjoying the sun & reading. There is a grocery market a short walking distance from the camp, so as to stay awake this afternoon we all had an adventure walking around the grocery store.


On our way to the market, we walked by these dogs, we were convinced they were not kind and they had their intentions in welcoming us to Italy.

We are trying to stay up the full day so we can sleep this evening but we are finding it hard to do that. Most of us have taken a small nap throughout the day. We have been trying to stay up to eat dinner at 8pm and then plan to go to bed soon after.

Saturday we plan on helping a friend of the camp move from Isola to another nearby village.

I hope to blog and post images regularly but it is all dependent on time and internet access.



One response to “The Italy Adventure I #Italy #fb

  1. Thank you for the pictures and commentary! We look forward to more, but first you all need a good night’s sleep!
    Connie and Nick Melucci

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