It was good … but did not last very long!

WOW… next to the actual Thanksgiving meal, is the leftovers you get to eat that evening and the next day. I love turkey sandwiches but I will not have anything to do with deli turkey, sorry, I need the real thing. After I took this picture, my father proceeded to carve up the turkey …. he has a habit (a few times) cutting his finger really good while cutting the turkey. I guess he really only cut it one time but it was a really good cut and he needed to go to the ER and the other time he had to go to the ER was when my daughter distracted him while he was sharpening a knife. I have a really cool picture of the doctor giving him stitches (I’ll have to add it as a link). Thankfully the turkey was the only thing cut this year.

The turkey was wonderful & we had a fabulous Thanksgiving break down in SC at my parents house w/ friends and family.


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