Week of May 14th …

This week was a pretty busy week for me shooting a variety of stuff on and off campus. I needed to get things shot since I will be gone on vacation next week, whoa!

We introduced my parents to the Wii. My parents were doing their whirlwind tour of visiting family (PA, Elyria Oh, South Bend, Anderson IN and Cedarville). The girls enjoyed bowling with my parents and playing Wii Sport tennis with them. I see them buying a Wii in the near future!

ND3_6840 by you.

ND3_6821 by you.

Tuesday I shot Academic Pre-med Camp on campus. Below are students working with faculty Cindy Wingert dissectiong a sheet brain.

ND3_6931 by you.

Wednesday afternoon the deptartment I work in at Cedarville University had a picnic … Here is Chad preparing his hamburger.

A little side note … make many moons ago back in the 30’s, my grandfather was a Heinz salesman in PA.

ND3_7720 by you.

Here is my plate of food, double cheese burger, chips, potato salad and veggies. Yum … it was very good! Everything tastes great off the grill!

ND3_7724 by you.

Wednesday evening I went to Camp Chautauqua (Rush Camp) in Miamisburg, Ohio to get some shots of HeartSong leading worship. They did a great job and are great musicians. I have always enjoyed shooting the HeartSong teams, every year the teams are different students but every year they are a great group of students. In July I will be going up to Camp Patmos are shoot East To West again doing a full program.

ND3_8091 by you.

ND3_8030 by you.

Andy Ziegenfuss adds his talent to HeartSong. As a college student (years ago) Andy was on a HeartSong team.

ND3_7937 by you.


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