Friday …

I held class in the room on Tuesday at 9am (who in the world picked 9am). We went over lighting & portraits. After class we followed Dr. Clevenger & the humanities class on a little excursion of sorts. We took many modes of transportation to get up to Vienna Woods. Vienna Woods is the area that Beethoven went to to get away from the Vienna city. It was very nice with an overlook down to Vienna.

After the class, we stayed and had lunch in a cafe out on the patio. I had hotdogs with mustard & shaved horseradish … wow, really good.

Wednesday – several of us went to Bratslovia, Slovakia. it was only an hour train ride and there was a free day.

We walked by this guy as he was setting up and I knew it would be a hoot so we stayed a few minutes until he started up. He was great and played several Beetles covers. I have a short video here

I remember a guy “The One Man Band” in Miami on our honeymoon … very similar!

Someone in the group had a Rick  Steve’s book along. We actually used it to follow a guided tour of the city, very helpful. But, when it came it his suggestion for eating authentictraditional Slovak food, I’d reconsider next time. I will say that the restaurant was really neat, it was called 1. Slovak Pub.

What you see below is:

Bryndzove halusky Klobasov
(Dumplings w/ Bryndza & Sausage)
Bryndza is Slovak sheep cheese

I will have to find shot of me from one of the students. It looks like I am praying but we were done with the prayer so I actually may be saying a second prayer.

In the evening the students met up to do some night photography around Vienna. As we walked up out of one of the U-Bahn stps I see all these people watching the European Soccer championship. After getting a few shots the game finished. I think that Manchester United won beating an italian team.


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