Saturday …..

Had a nice weekend in Vienna with lots of shooting. Saturday I took the class to the Naschmarkt, it’s an incredibly large market and on Saturdays there is a flea market. Crazy, they have flea markets in Vienna. I thought that was only in the mid-west in the States. I ended up staying there for hours just shooting.

vienna_091763 by you.

vienna_091792 by you.

Towards the beginning it was not all that crowded but later in the morning it was really crowded.

I came across this dog and could not pass up the idea of shooting it. It looked like it was enjoying the ride in the basket.

vienna_091755 by you.

In the afternoon I walked around for awhile just looking for shots. I was round Stephansdome where there were a variety of street performers. I met Silas a street performer from NYC. He is a piece of work but talented. got some nice shots of him doing what he does.

vienna_091480 by you.

vienna_091515 by you.

vienna_091529 by you.

Saturday evening I met the photography class at the Prater, a pretty large amusement park in Vienna. It does not cost to get into the park but it costs a few euros per ride. I do not think that O.S.H.A. would approve many of these rides.

vienna_092030 by you.

vienna_092075 by you.

On the way out of the amusment park, I got this shot of the huge ferris wheel. It takes 15 minutes to make one complete rotation.

vienna_092077 by you.

It was a good day for shooting on Saturday.

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