Friday – May 22

Today we went to Esterhaza Palace, the palace lived in by the Esterhazy family (I think I got that right)! It was not that the Esterhazy family was so famous as much as it was that Josef Haydn was the lifelong musician at the palace. His story is very interesting. Laundry facilities are far and few between, actually I have not seen 1 yet … so I did some good old fashion laundry in the sink. All I can say is when I got back this evening I could smell my clean close hanging from out in the hallway as I entered the apartment. They may not be clean but they smell good : ) !

There are several food stores around, I am noticing 3 different store names but one stands out to me …

vienna_091039 by you.

I could not pass up getting a picture by the sign … look familiar?

Also, I saw this guy with a bunch of flowers and I immediately thought of Roxy & the girls (I try to get them flowers when I can) so here are some flowers for my 3 ladies!!!


Good night world ….

I met a street performer by the name of Silas, I will show you some images of him next time.


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