Thursday … Day 4

Thursday was a wet, rainy and cold day.

vienna_09253 by you.


Class was held in the morning, Mr. Clevenger was in a zone teaching about the arts and ancient culture.  It is very intersting to listen to him, he has so many stories. A few times I find my self just sitting there listening and not taking pictures … he so distracting : )

vienna_09268 by you.

vienna_09278 by you.


With it being so cold and basically a dreary day I went back to the apartment  to do some house cleaning, photo editing and of course a nap before the evening ballet. I was not very excited about going to the ballet, but I have to say that the ballet “Romeo & Juliet” was really good. We did not have the best seats but you could see well. Start to finish was nearly 2.5 hours with two intermissions.

vienna_09340 by you.


The day ended with an attempted skpye call to the family and I could hear them but they were not able to hear me. I was so sad not being able to talk to my wife and girls. I miss them!


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