Wednesday … Day 3

Wednesday was wet and rainy for the most part of the morning butthen it cleared up to a nice sunny afternoon. I brought along a pedometer and I estimated that I walked 15 miles on Wednesday. WIthout thinking back and writing everything down I can’t think of everywhere I walked. We did go to Schoonbrunn Palace and Garden. I heard that there was a zoo but did not see it. The palace looked similar to the White house in DC but it was yellow.We walked up this steep zigzag roadlike path up a hill to a really nice view of the palace with some of Vienna off in the distance.

vienna_09154 by you.


I had this for lunch, it was very good. I will have to go back there, though these stands are plentiful around Vienna. I am finding that the food stands are a lot cheaper than going to the cafes and eating. I’d have to admit that it’s not exactly a well balanced meal …

 vienna_09101 by you.


More dogs in vienna …. one ugly and one cute. The Westie was very dirty but so cute and reminded me of Daisy back home! I actually saw this lady and Westie a little ways away and I had to walk fast to catch up to them. The lady was kind enough to let me take this picture. 

vienna_09097 by you.

vienna_09176 by you.


Today class was good … I went to the Humanities class afterward and got some nice shots of students in class & Mr. Clevenger teaching. I will post a few, as I am able.

It might be a few days until I post again. We are going to Salsburg Friday – Sunday and I do not know if we will have any internet service.  Good night ….!

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