Tuesday … Day 2 (that’s what I’ll call it!)

Here are some shots from Tuesday. The first day of class was great. We jumped right in with camera controls and mechanics. It was nice being able to go right out after class and take pictures. I think the students are getting a grasp of it after just a few days. I have had lots of opportunity to work along side the students and answer their questions as we are walking around town.

vienna_09075 by you.

Walking around in the morning in the Underground as part of my Daily Pics.


vienna_09062 by you.

I could not pass this shot up. We were on our tour and the lady took us in some famus affe house and there these people were. I brought my camera to my eye and stole a few quick shots and walked off.


vienna_09060 by you.

There are dogs everywhere! Many of the are cute. I could not pass this dog up with his owner (nicely dressed I might add.


vienna_09052 by you.

Walking around the center part of Vienna with lots of people. This guy is nicely dressed.


vienna_09031 by you.

We were in a caffe talking about the weeks to come and logistics. The 3 people sitting with the afternoon sunlight falling in on them was great ,,, I stole a few pics.


One response to “Tuesday … Day 2 (that’s what I’ll call it!)

  1. Great shots, mate! Cafés are like living rooms and part of Viennese lifestyle. There’s also the worldly wisdom that Cafés are the perfect place to be lonesome in good company. Traditional Cafés have just tiny round marble tables where usually just 1 person sits!

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