Day 1 or is it 2 …

A few images from Monday before & after arriving in Vienna.

 ND3_8185 by you.

I got this care package from my wife and girls just before leaving. They packed all my favorites, Sweet Tarts, Beef Jerky, HOHO and a few other assorted things. THANKS!

ND3_8202 by you.

I took this on my way to meet the group for dinner. This was somewhere on the purple line on my way to the Volkstheater …. where I find out was not the place to meet, long story. I met up with the group after an hour later. I was standing out bythis concert hall and asked the guy next to me if I could borrow his phone to call my firend. He looked at me alittle shady. Kris did not answer butthe funny thing is Kris called back a few minutes later and looked over at me and said, “It’s for you”. Made me laugh!!!

ND3_8207 by you.

After meeting up with the group for dinner, I made it just in time. I ordered late but my food came out at the same time. We ordered dessert and everyone was taking pictures of the variety. The food was wonderful.

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