MURPHY …. the Big Dog!

Let me introduce you to Murphy …  Murphy lives in our neighborhood just around the corner with his owners. He is just about a year old and weighs close to 100lbs. Emily and I have taken him around the block, he is very lively. I remember last summer we went to Ritters Frozen Custard in Beaver Creek. We brought our dog Daisy and Murphy (and his owners) to Ritters. Once a month Ritters have a dog night and if you bring your pet, they get a small bowl of vanilla custard. When Murphy got his treat, he pretty much ate the Styrofoam bowl and custard in one motion.

About a month ago, I had Murphys owners (good friends of ours and fellow co-worker) bring him into the studio for some quick portraits. Little did I know that I was the one that had to be quick. He did not like my slick checkerboard floor. Here is one image from our little session.




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